HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper

Accomplish more with consistent results every time


Accomplish more with consistent results every time
Look to this economical, recyclable1, and FSC®-certified2 printing material, ideal for a variety of medium ink-density graphics and technical applications including presentations, indoor signs, and posters that are frequently replaced. From working comps and design proofs to POP signage and special event posters, see high-quality, consistent image quality print to print and roll to roll.

Make the economical choice for everyday prints
Meet your everyday printing needs and enjoy consistent, high-quality results with this economical heavyweight matte coated paper.

Add flexibility —this paper is FSC®-certified
Use this high-quality printing material across a broad range of HP DesignJet printers. And get added flexibility with this recyclable, FSC®-certified paper that supports the development of responsible forest management worldwide.

Target customersApplicationsBenefits
ArchitectsPosters and presentationsConsistent, high-quality results
EngineersPOP and retail displaysCost-effective for everyday use
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionalsGeographic Information Systems (GIS)Broad HP DesignJet printer compatibility
Graphic designersArchitecture (AEC)FSC®-certified paper
Print service providersEngineering (MCAD)Recyclable through commonly available programs

Technical Specifications

Weight125 g/m2 per ISO 536 Test Method, (35 lb)
Thickness172 microns/6.8 mil per ISO 534 Test Method
OpacityGreater than 92% per TAPPI T-425 Test Method
BrightnessGreater than 97% per TAPPI T-452 Test Method
Whiteness133 per CIE Ganz 82 Test Method
Operating temperature15 to 35° C / 59 to 95° F
Operating humidity30 to 70% RH
Display permanence (Indoor home or office)5+ years with Original HP 72 Inks, and 4+ years with HP 727 Inks3
Display permanence (Commercial in-window)1+ month with Original HP 72 or HP 727 Inks; laminated or unlaminated4
Dry timeImmediate (at 23° C, 50% RH)
Shelf life2 years, unopened in original packaging
Storage temperature5 to 40° C / 41 to 104° F
Storage humidity10 to 80% RH
EnvironmentalRecyclable through commonly available recycling programs
Country of originProduct of Germany

Ordering Information

Product NumberRoll SizesUPCRegion
Q1412B5610 mm x 30,5 m (24 in x 100 ft)848412015928Worldwide
Q1413B5914 mm x 30,5 m (36 in x 100 ft)848412015935Worldwide
Q1414B51067 mm x 30,5 m (42 in x 100 ft)848412015942Worldwide
Q1416B51524 mm x 30,5 m (60 in x 100 ft)848412015959Worldwide
SA029B5610 mm x 30,5 m (24 in x 100 ft)848412015966Japan
300 344

Warranty Statement

HP large format printing materials are free from defects in materials and workmanship. For warranty statement please see HPLFMedia.com/go/mediawarranties. To obtain warranty service, please contact Brand Management Group customer support at HPLFMedia.com/hp/en/contactus.

Printer Compatibility

Printer List:

DesignJet 100, DesignJet 111, DesignJet 130, DesignJet 500, DesignJet 510, DesignJet 4000, DesignJet 4020, DesignJet 4500, DesignJet 4520, DesignJet 5000 Dye, DesignJet 5000 UV, DesignJet 5500 Dye, DesignJet 5500 UV, DesignJet 8000s, DesignJet 9000s, DesignJet 10000s, DesignJet D5800, DesignJet H35100, DesignJet H35500, DesignJet H45100, DesignJet H45500, DesignJet T120, DesignJet T520, DesignJet T610, DesignJet T620, DesignJet T770, DesignJet T790, DesignJet T795, DesignJet T920, DesignJet T1100, DesignJet T1120, DesignJet T1200, DesignJet T1300, DesignJet T1500, DesignJet T2300 eMFP, DesignJet T2500 eMFP, DesignJet T3500 eMFP, DesignJet T7100, DesignJet T7200, DesignJet Z2100, DesignJet Z3100, DesignJet Z3200, DesignJet Z5200, DesignJet Z5400, DesignJet Z6100, DesignJet Z6200, DesignJet Z6600, DesignJet Z6800, Latex 210, DesignJet L25500, Latex 260, Latex 280, Latex 3000, Latex 310, Latex 330, Latex 360, Latex 820, Latex 850, PageWide XL 4000, PageWide XL 5000, PageWide XL 8000, Scitex FB500, Scitex FB700, Scitex FB910, Scitex FB950, Scitex LX600, Scitex LX800, Scitex TJ8300, Scitex TJ8350, Scitex XL1200, Scitex XL1500



1 HP Large Format Media take-back program availability varies. Some recyclable HP papers can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs. Recycling programs may not exist in your area. See HPLFMedia.com/hp/ecosolutions for details.

2 BMG trademark license code FSC®-C115319, see fsc.org. HP trademark license code FSC®-C017543, see fsc.org. Not all FSC®-certified products are available in all regions. For information about HP large format printing materials, please visit HPLFMedia.com.

3 Display permanence rating for interior displays/away from direct sunlight, under glass by HP Image Permanence Lab and/or by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. on a range of HP media. For more information, see HPLFMedia.com/hp/printpermanence.

4 Interior in-window display ratings by HP Image Permanence Lab on a range of HP media. HP predictions based on test data under Xenon-Arc illuminant—calculation assumes 6,000 Lux/12 hr day. For more information, see HPLFMedia.com/hp/printpermanence.

5 Requires 2-inch spindle for compatibility with the HP DesignJet L25500 and L26500 Printer series.


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