HP Production Coroplus Board

Print eye-catching Coroplast®1 yard signs

Deliver high-quality, economical outdoor lawn signs

Produce cost-effective Coroplast®1 signs for short-term outdoor applications. These signs can be mounted on traditional H stakes or grommeted for rigid hanging sign applications.

REACH compliant2
HP Production Coroplus Board is REACH compliant2—a regulation of the European Union adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from risks that can be posed by chemicals.

Offer any quantity with this print-on-demand solution
Get the versatility of printing any quantity quickly on your high-speed PageWide XL Pro printer, whether it is just one or multiple signs.

Target customersApplicationsBenefits
Print service providersLawn signsPre-cut, double-sided 4-mm rigid Coroplast®1 board
Sign shopsReal estate, construction,
election, retail, and event
Durable but lightweight, easy to transport
Reprographic shopsOutdoor advertisingShort-term outdoor sign applications; mounts on H stakes or can be grommeted
Hanging rigid signCost-effective, high-speed print at any quantity
Minimal print set-up
Compatible with Original HP PageWide XL pigment inks

Technical Specifications

Ink compatibilityOriginal HP PageWide XL pigment inks
Weight990 g/m² per ISO 536 Test Method
Thickness4495 microns/177 mil per ISO 534 Test Method
Opacity100% per TAPPI T-425 Test Method, >98% per ISO 2471 Test Method
Brightness>100 per TAPPI T-452 Test Method
Whiteness>135 per ASTM E-313 Test Method
Operating temperature15 to 30° C / 59 to 86° F
Operating humidity20 to 80% RH
Dry time<2 minutes (at 23° C, 50% RH)
LaminationCold lamination
Shelf life2 years, unopened in original packaging
Storage temperature15 to 35° C / 59 to 95° F
Storage humidity15 to 30% RH
EnvironmentalREACH compliant2
Printer settingRecommend using HP Production Coroplus Board as the media setting for HP PageWide XL PRO printers
Country of originProduct of the United States

Ordering Information

Product NumberPack SizeUPCRegion
7N3Y3A457 mm x 304 mm (18 in x 12 in) (25-sheet Pack)848412027952United States and Canada
7N3Y4A610 mm x 457 mm (24 in x 18 in) (25-sheet Pack)848412027969United States and Canada
7N3Y5A914 mm x 610 mm (36 in x 24 in) (20-sheet Pack)848412027976United States and Canada

Warranty Statement

HP large format printing materials are free from defects in materials and workmanship. For warranty statement please see HPLFMedia.com/go/mediawarranties. To obtain warranty service, please contact Brand Management Group customer support at HPLFMedia.com/hp/en/contactus.



1Coroplast® is the brand name for corrugated plastic sheets. Corrugated plastic is a type of plastic cardboard that consists of three layers of polypropylene plastic substrate.
2 See the HP REACH Declaration published at HP Printing Products and Consumable Supplies.


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