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Double sided printing

Is there any rolled material that is suitable for double-sided printing to produce large scale bound brochures?

HP Universal Adhesive Vinyl (C2T51A) on HP DJ Z5600

Hello! I recently purchased a HP Universal Adhesive Vinyl to use on the HP Designjet Z5600. My prints are typically full colour graphics/posters (advertisements). However, the text in Black will never fail to streak/smudge when running my hands over it - this is after letting it dry for several minutes. This is with printing in Best mode on the driver. I have set the media profile on the printer as 'HP Universal Adhesive Media'. I have also attempted to load the media as 'sensitive paper'. Thinking it was a hardware issue, we have reported to HP but they insisted that any vinyl material is not compatible with pigment inks used by the Z5600. I have sent HP the LF media charts and C2T51A specs sheet indicating compatibility with pigment ink and the Z5600, but they have persisted with their stand and that I should seek a refund from the LF media supplier. I hope to get confirmation that the C2T51A is actually compatible with the HP Z5600, so am looking forward to hearing back from anyone. Thanks!

HP Everyday Photo Paper Smearing

I've been using an EPSON SureColor 7270 with the HP Universal Photo Paper. The print settings I use for the paper type is, Premium Semigloss (250), and it works normally. I've ordered the HP Everyday Photo Paper but whenever I try to print on it, the ink will always smear. I've tried several paper type settings (always adjusting it on both the printer and Photoshop) but it will smear every time, even when set to plain paper draft quality. What option am I supposed to be using for this paper?

Z6100 USB input "not enabled" connection issue

Hello, I have a Z6100 that has an issue with connecting to the network in my house via Ethernet, as many times it will not give me an ip address and I cannot load files to print. Yes, countless hours spent checking all items and everything but the printer connects just fine. Since the connection goes directly to the motherboard is that the problem? Also, it has dual USB ports but when you bring them up, they are “not enabled”. How do Infix that, as I can load via USB stick or computer if I could get the USB enabled to work. Thanks.

Is HP Light Fabric J7U83A compatible with a DesignJet T1120 plotter?

We have a 10+ year old T1120 plotter that we primarily use to print academic posters on HP heavy coated paper. I've been asked if we can print on HP Light Fabric or some other foldable media instead. Is this possible, and if so, which media should be selected on the plotter when loading the roll? Thanks for your help.


Just order 4 rolls of paper informed that the shipping address couldn't be verified want to know if order is OK?


Hola, quisiera saber si el rollo de papel A2 HP recubierto con código Q1442A (HP Coated Paper) lo puedo instalar en un plotter HP DESINGJET T795 del año 2012. Porque en la web me sale como compatible, pero a la hora de seleccionarlo veo que no esta el modelo de plotter en el listado de compatibilidad. Tambien creo que pone que solo esta disponible en el área de Japon. ¿Habria algun problema en adquirirlo y que funcione bien?. Muchas gracias por vuestra atención.

HP 15-oz Prime Double-sided Blockout Banner

I am very frustrated with this product, it consistently jams when printing the second side with my HP Latex 360. If I try to reverse the roll and print on the other side first it jams. It seams the smooth side will stall in the fusing area and cause jams and mess up the prints even if you use the take up reel. I am using the recommended profile and this stuff just will not work. I have wasted a lot of time and money on this banner material. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

printing on silk

Does HP manufacturer a large format silk product for inkjet? If not, does HP have any guidance on using silk projects in a Designjet? I currently use the 1700, 44".

Some HP Light Fabric rolls are are defective and cause head strikes

We have been using the HP Light Fabric for many years with the HP 360 Latex, and we have found that specific LOT numbers are defective. It appears that the material is not evenly wound around the core, causing the fabric to slowly develop a wrinkle around the center area of the roll during printing. It takes about 6 to 8 feet of printing until you get a head strike. When we first noticed this a few years back, we naturally concluded that it was a user error. In addition, the issue went away for a significant length of time, only to occasionally come back. However, we have been experiencing this problem consistently with the last few rolls, and it is very aggravating. We have to go back and forth with our vendors, asking for specific LOT numbers to be excluded from our orders. Simply, not good. If anyone knows of a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Here are some answers to questions you may want to ask: Printer: 360 Latex Clean and oiled printer?: All parts are super clean Experienced operator?: 20 years Take up wheel used or not?: Yes and no. We have tried both. Tried different vacuum pressures: Yes Tried different temperatures: Yes Does the problem exist through the whole defective roll?: Yes Are the good rolls having any problems at any point?: No Unloading and reloading the rolls make a difference?: No Is the printer detecting any skew when loading?: No. We load very carefully. Does the fabric show any ripples before it goes into the feed?: Yes, after a few feet. Here are a couple of sample LOT numbers: BAD LOT: 2924321010 GOOD LOT: 2924041017 I will be happy to get some feedback about this and even happier if anyone has a good suggestion.