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Z6200 Not printing square

Our old Z6200 60 Inch has developed a problem where it starts to print out of square on long jobs. After the initial media loading (180 g matt paper), it prints fine. But anything longer than 1 metre starts to drift out of square. I feel it is the paper feed rollers at fault, is there any adjustments that I could perform?

What substrate profile should i use for plush textile?

I have a fabric i need to print on, I dont know if changing my profile from my other textiles will make a huge difference. But what happens is the color looks washed and the print is not sharp.

Why is my Textile Print coming out with permanent wet marks.

With some substrates, my prints are coming out with what looks like clearish wet spots surrounding parts of the print that has color and are surrounded by white. Almost like clearish bleeding

My Hp Printer Not Perfectly Work on Window 7

Hey there! My name is Juanthon, and I work in the printing sector in London. For home photo printing, I use an HP inkjet printer.When I connect my printer to Windows 7 or other operating systems devices, the printer does not work properly. Please tell me any solution how to fix problem.

canvas satin paper

trying to find a canvas satin paper for the designjet T795 printer. Any ideas?

Warping material

I am running an HP335Latex. I'm running Nekoosa 9RTape) OM 14Mil Synaps which ran easily on my old 310 printer, but using the same profile warps when it goes through the heaters on my new 335. I'm running it as a 12 pass, 207degree heat, 100% saturation. What can I do to lower the heaters so that it will still cure correctly, but not warp the material. Can I submit a photo, so you can see what it's doing?

Why is my color changing as the poster prints?

When printing a poster the color starts out as red and then at some point during the printing it changes to pink. The first time I thought it was a fluke so I tried printing it again and it did the same thing but at a different point in the printing process. I am using a HP DesignJet Z5200 44-in Photo Printer and have printed multiple items prior to this without a problem. Any suggestions on a solution?

Paper setting for everyday matte polypropylene on Designjet Z5200

New to my organization and need the paper setting selection on a Designjet z5200 for everyday matte polypropylene. Thank you!

z2100 ICC profiles

Hi there! I'm trying to find the ICC profiles for this printer but it looks like ICC support is discontinued? is there anywhere I can go to find these to download? Thanks!

how to find ROHS document for N3T48A

how to find ROHS document for N3T48A