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Some HP Light Fabric rolls are are defective and cause head strikes

We have been using the HP Light Fabric for many years with the HP 360 Latex, and we have found that specific LOT numbers are defective. It appears that the material is not evenly wound around the core, causing the fabric to slowly develop a wrinkle around the center area of the roll during printing. It takes about 6 to 8 feet of printing until you get a head strike.
When we first noticed this a few years back, we naturally concluded that it was a user error. In addition, the issue went away for a significant length of time, only to occasionally come back. However, we have been experiencing this problem consistently with the last few rolls, and it is very aggravating. We have to go back and forth with our vendors, asking for specific LOT numbers to be excluded from our orders. Simply, not good.
If anyone knows of a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some answers to questions you may want to ask:
Printer: 360 Latex
Clean and oiled printer?: All parts are super clean
Experienced operator?: 20 years
Take up wheel used or not?: Yes and no. We have tried both.
Tried different vacuum pressures: Yes
Tried different temperatures: Yes
Does the problem exist through the whole defective roll?: Yes
Are the good rolls having any problems at any point?: No
Unloading and reloading the rolls make a difference?: No
Is the printer detecting any skew when loading?: No. We load very carefully.
Does the fabric show any ripples before it goes into the feed?: Yes, after a few feet.

Here are a couple of sample LOT numbers:
BAD LOT: 2924321010
GOOD LOT: 2924041017

I will be happy to get some feedback about this and even happier if anyone has a good suggestion.