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Why is my color changing as the poster prints?

When printing a poster the color starts out as red and then at some point during the printing it changes to pink. The first time I thought it was a fluke so I tried printing it again and it did the same thing but at a different point in the printing process. I am using a HP DesignJet Z5200 44-in Photo Printer and have printed multiple items prior to this without a problem. Any suggestions on a solution?

Paper setting for everyday matte polypropylene on Designjet Z5200

New to my organization and need the paper setting selection on a Designjet z5200 for everyday matte polypropylene. Thank you!

z2100 ICC profiles

Hi there! I'm trying to find the ICC profiles for this printer but it looks like ICC support is discontinued? is there anywhere I can go to find these to download? Thanks!

how to find ROHS document for N3T48A

how to find ROHS document for N3T48A

What vinyl to use on T1120 And what settings?

I want to be able to print graphics on adhesive vinyl on my Hp Designjet T1120 Printer, What vinyl should i order and what settings do i need to have on it.

Media profile for HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene paper

Hi.. I have an HP T125 and I'm trying to print onto the HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene media. What is the correct media setting for this type of paper?

vinyl with hp designjet 130 printer

We just got a hp designjet 130 printer and we are looking for a vinyl paper to print stickers for shipping containers on. What vinyl paper is best to use with this printer? and Does it come in black background that can print white on top of?

Ink film thickness for HP Latex 570 Printer (Micron)?

I would like to know more about ink deposition on HP Latex 570 Printer Model for 240 ink limits. What will be the ink deposition in microns if I print 100% the pure color solid color of - Cyan / Magenta / Balck / Yellow inks? Will you share the tentative range for ink deposition?

Roll Unloaded

I have a DesignJet 920 plotter. The print is printing about 12" and then uloading the roll. I am getting the following error "roll unoaded. End of roll of paper input friction. Load roll carefully onto spindle." I have unloaded and reloaded the roll about 7 times and tried with two different rolls of paper. Any ideas?

hp designjet z6200 unclear code on front panel

my hp designjet z6200 plotter counts upto 32 at startup then displays unclear codes on the front panel. Then, after being "on" for more than 30minutes, the codes changed. it read, INFO-CODE 271597576 SEVERITY 1 INFOCUSTOMER-CODE 03:10