HP UV ink (FB550 printer) longevity on chromadek

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What is the durability/longevity of HP Scitex UV ink (FB550 printer) on rigid media like chromadek? IS the longevity similar on other rigid media like abs plastic and acrylics?
May 5, 2017

Hi Andrew,

The quick answer to your question is: Yes the longevity should be similar, but testing should be done before deployment. HP has not tested this material themselves.

We did go to the manufacture's website and found: CHROMADEK® PRODUCT RANGE: Chromadek® is produced by coating galvanized coated steel coil subject to stringent quality control standards on a continuous coil coating line. The galvanized steel is chemically cleaned and treated to enhance corrosion properties and paint adhesion. A primer which is cured in a prime oven is applied, followed by a top coat that is cured again to obtain its aesthetic and functional properties.

Chromadek® is available in a range of 14 standard colors based on a resin paint system consisting of Polyester/Polyurethane blends in specialized pigments ensuring corrosion resistance, durability and response to formability.

Please contact us directly if you have any other questions at all.

Becky Tassell

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