No matter what I try, I can’t get my substrate to load successfully. What should I do?

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May 21, 2015

Here are some suggestions to try:

  • Reread the loading instructions, and make sure that you are following them. Refer to the “Handle the substrate and troubleshoot substrate issues” in your HP Latex User Guide.
  • When loading a textile substrate, remember to use the loading accessory, and select Use loading accessory in the configuration screen.
  • If automatic loading is unsuccessful, try assisted manual loading instead.
  • The substrate might be loaded at an angle (skewed or mislocated). Make sure that the right edge of the substrate is aligned with the roll on the input spindle.
  • The substrate might be crumpled or warped, or have irregular edges. Refer to the “The substrate is deformed or wrinkled” in your HP Latex User Guide.
  • If the substrate jams in the substrate path to the platen, the leading edge of the substrate might not be straight or clean. Remove the initial 1 inch of substrate from the roll and try again. This might be necessary even with a new roll of substrate.
  • Make sure that the spindle is correctly inserted.
  • Make sure that the substrate is correctly loaded on the spindle.
  • Make sure that the substrate is wound tightly.
  • If the substrate is curled, and you see a Clean OMAS or disable it at the RIP alert, advance the substrate until the whole print zone is covered, then go to the front panel and press the gear icon, then Image-quality maintenance > Substrate-advance calibration > OMAS calibration.

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