Ink is smearing on my prints, what can I do to fix this?

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May 21, 2015

Ink smears may be seen on the print for the following reasons.

The substrate is skewed. Do not ignore the warning message that appears during the loading procedure if there is significant skew.

The substrate is not flat in the print zone. Try the following possible solutions.

  • Increase the vacuum level in steps of 5 mmH2O.
  • Reduce the curing temperature. You will probably need to increase the number of passes in order to achieve adequate curing.
  • Check whether there are fibers on the printheads. If the problem appears only at the sides of the print, because the edges are uneven or the substrate is curled upward at the sides, consider using the edge holders.

If the problem appears only at the beginning of the print, try the following suggestions.

  • Increase the top margin of your print to give more room at the leading edge. Alternatively, or additionally, increase the bottom margin to provide a non-deformed leading edge for the next print.
  • Increase the vacuum level in steps of 5 mmH2O. Do not exceed the following limits: 20 mmH2O for banners, 45 mmH2O for vinyl, and 60 mmH2O for other substrates. If the vacuum level is too high, you may see an increase in graininess due to too much friction between the rear surface of the substrate and the platen while advancing the substrate during printing; you may also see vertical bands matching the contours of the print platen.
  • Increase the number of passes.
  • Make sure that the substrate is stored in the same room in which the printer is located.

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