My prints are exhibiting horizontal banding, how can this be fixed?

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May 21, 2015

Try the following remedies if your printed image suffers from horizontal bands:

If you are using a print mode with six or fewer passes, try increasing the number of passes. Some degree of banding can be expected with few passes.

If bands affect all colors across the width of the printed image, the cause is probably a substrate advance problem. Use the front panel to adjust the substrate advance on the fly (see Substrate advance adjustment while printing in your HP Latex User Guide). If you have dark bands, increase the substrate advance; if you have light bands, decrease it. When you find the right adjustment, store the value in the front panel for future prints on the same substrate. Another cause could be a fiber attached to one of the printheads. Turn off the printer, then remove the printheads one at a time and remove any fibers that you see attached to them.

If bands affect only some colors, the cause could be a defective printhead.

  • Print the printhead status plot. If necessary, clean the printheads.
  • Sometimes a single cleaning action may not completely clean every nozzle. Print the status plot and consider cleaning again.
  • Align the printheads. If necessary, align them manually.
  • Print the printhead status plot again. Identify the printhead with the greatest number of blocked nozzles, and replace it.

If bands affect most of the colors, the printheads could be misaligned. This is likely if you have not aligned the printheads for a long time, or if there has been a substrate jam. Align the printheads if necessary. You can check whether it is necessary by printing the printhead alignment status plot.

Due to the printhead servicing routines while printing, some fibers or small amounts of ink may be deposited on a nozzle, causing it to fail temporarily. This is very unlikely and may just cause a couple of isolated bands. It is also very unlikely for this to be repeated within the same or subsequent print jobs. However, if you notice it, try cleaning the printheads.

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