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Is the Polypropylene safe to use on car paint?

We have a DesignJet Z2100 and use HP Everyday Gloss Polypropylene (C0F28A) in it. We get great results, and combined with a decent laminate it has survived on the exterior of the window of my car for 6 weeks now with no fading. Just wondering if the Adhesive is suitable for use on car paint? I can't find any information on the adhesive apart from it being permanent.

Printing 4 mil Double Matte film

I have an HP 8000XL that does not have a setting for printing 4 mil double matte film. Is there a way to download into the media catalog the print settings for this material as a media preset ?

HP Light Fabric

Can you print on HP Light Fabric on a HP Latex 115? If not what light fabric material can be printed on the 115 for snap frame graphics?

Paper Presets?

I'm looking for the paper preset file for our HP DesignJet Z6600 for HP Universal Heavyweight Coated paper. It is not a built-in preset and the paper preset page here at hplfmedia.com does not have it available. Where can I obtain it? Thanks!

What is a foldable banner paper that is ok to use on an HP DesignJet Z6800 printer?

I am looking for a different foldable type of banner or canvas that can be printed on a HP DesignJet Z6800?

Which print material is the most comparable to LexJet Poly Select Light SUV?

We have an HP560 Latex printer. We currently print on LexJet Poly Select Light SUV but are looking for a backup material. Which would you recommend?

Light Fabric

Can you print on HP Light Fabric with a Z3200 large format printer?

Printer for vector map printing?

Question about buying a realy large (!) format printer for printing vector maps. Some advices? Wall size, decoration purpose, you know.

HP Durable Backlit Fabric

We've been working on making SEG graphics with the HP Durable Backlit Fabric, but we've been having issues with durability on the material. It wrinkles and kinks easily and those marks show through very visibly when lit. Anyone else have problems with this and does anyone have any recommendations on how to prevent and ship properly?

Best Water resistant, "Foldable", lightweight plotter materials?

I am looking for a water resistant, foldable plotter material for our HPZ6200 and HP5500 plotters (both UV ink based). I have used tyvek-like material in the past but don't seem to be able to find the lightweight material we once used. I would prefer a 3 to 8 mil weight if possible. Suggestions?