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HP Durable Backlit Fabric

We've been working on making SEG graphics with the HP Durable Backlit Fabric, but we've been having issues with durability on the material. It wrinkles and kinks easily and those marks show through very visibly when lit. Anyone else have problems with this and does anyone have any recommendations on how to prevent and ship properly?

Best Water resistant, "Foldable", lightweight plotter materials?

I am looking for a water resistant, foldable plotter material for our HPZ6200 and HP5500 plotters (both UV ink based). I have used tyvek-like material in the past but don't seem to be able to find the lightweight material we once used. I would prefer a 3 to 8 mil weight if possible. Suggestions?

Light fabric for DesignJet Z6600 large format printer

Hi All! I am looking to create a banner that is lightweight (you can see through it), but I can't seem to find any compatible fabrics for the Z6600. Are there any that could work? We usually work with artist canvas, but this time I'm looking for something a little lighter. Thanks!


I am a print broker. I have started to sell a lot of wide format printing. I am considering buying a wide format printer. I have no pre press or graphic design skills. Where would I go and what would it take to learn to work the machine

backlit graphics

I want to print backlit graphics on a DesignJet Z5400. What media should I purchase?


My hpz6200 printer keeps rejecting the maintenance cartridge. ..what can I do?

how to eliminate horizontal lines in Litho Realistic

We are having lots of trouble with Litho Realistic and horizontal lines on our z3200. A new roll of paper is usually OK. Alberta is dry and the recommended humidity is impossible. The lines look like scuffs from head travel. What can be done?

Hp every day maat polyproplyne

just wanted to know why the black color is coming of from hp every day matt polypropylene when you rub it its coming off even its dry every other color is fine and I m using the original hp ink for my hp designjet z6800 ps photo production printer

Inquiry materials none PVC content

Hi, This is Norie from printing Design, I would like to know if do you have Clear Sticker, Vinyl sticker none PVC Content. In case you have let me know hows the ordering. Im from Philippines. Thanks in Advance for your immediate assistance.

Has the HP Universal High Gloss Paper been discontinued?

Has the HP Universal High Gloss Paper (Q1427A) been discontinued? We have a DesignJet T795. We just printed a poster on the HP Universal Gloss Photo Paper (Q1427B). I can see where the paper is slightly transparent compared to the ones printed on the High Gloss paper.