Print's place in the changing face of retail


The retail market has undergone tremendous change and will continue to evolve as technology assumes a larger role in our lives. The list of retailers who have closed their doors in recent days is long, but according to KPMG, a marketing analysis firm—90% of all retail will still be done in physical stores in 2019.* The challenge of the new brick-and-mortar store will be to combine technology and personalized services to create a surprising, relatable and interesting shopping experience designed to delight.

There is a huge opportunity for print in this new landscape!

95% of retailers use posters and POS displays for in-store communication that are changed every four to five weeks, on average. In addition, retailers need to constantly update their store environment to keep consumers' attention—high-quality, printed interior wallcovering and adhesive vinyl are a way to create an innovative experience. Retailers are also leveraging print technology to create sales outside of the store through print advertising including coupons, vouchers, catalogs, flyers and promotions and then linking them to digital and social channels by encouraging sharing and cross-media participation.

Print and technology together will continue to connect the online and offline shopping experience and create opportunities for Print Service Providers. HP offers media to create a multitude of applications for both aqueous and latex ink technologies to help retailers meet these new challenges.

HP Latex Ink Technology
HP PVC-free Wall Paper
HP Premium Removable Gloss Adhesive Vinyl
HP Premium Poster Paper
HP Durable Backlit Fabric

Aqueous Ink Technology
HP Everyday Blockout Display Film
HP Everyday Adhesive Matte Polypropylene, 3-in Core
HP Everyday Adhesive Gloss Polypropylene
HP Durable Semi-gloss Display Film
HP Satin Wrapping Paper - retailers can now offer personalized wrapping paper with their customer's purchases!