New applications, new markets—ICA Gourmet Foods prints backlit signs in-store


ICA Group, Sweden’s #1 food retailer, and parent to ICA Gourmet food stores, is now successfully printing their own backlit signs in-house! The upscale food chain wanted a high-end look to their signage which previously consisted of paper posters. After evaluating HP Premium Vivid Color Backlit Film, they were so impressed with the quality, they purchased a new HP DesignJet Z5600 Postscript printer for their in-store use and acquired LED Light boxes to display the custom prints on HP Premium Vivid Color Backlit Film.

Retail stores provide a huge target market, and the need for a premium-looking solution is growing fast in Sweden and beyond. Mr. Collin, Store Manager of the ICA Gourmet in Umea, Sweden, wanted to create a more inviting and upscale environment to attract new customers. He explains, “We wanted to find new ways to differentiate from the competition and to enhance the store experience.” Now the store can update their messaging quickly to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their customers.

The porous coating on the printable front side of HP Premium Vivid Color Backlit Film enhances image definition and provides excellent color contrast, even without backlight, and produces brilliant, razor-sharp images. Plus, it’s recyclable, a key benefit for a growing market of consumers.

Watch the video HERE.