Innovative Australian design event showcases wall paper as limited-edition art


DESIGN-MADE is a new contemporary design event that debuted their first show in Sydney, Australia, presenting collections of products from rising Australian interior designers. The show demonstrated that design is not just for a small niche of elite consumers anymore but has something for everyone and aims to change buyer-behavior to support local and original design.

Create A Wall, a digital decor printing company, partnered with LOCAL DESIGN, an organization devoted to promoting Australian designers, to print and showcase original limited-edition wall paper at the event. The printable wallcovering of choice? HP PVC-free Wall Paper. LOCAL DESIGN founder and stylist, Emma Elizabeth, believes that with the new digitally printable wallcovering, people are gravitating back to wall paper and are more interested in personalizing their environment with great art and design.

“HP PVC-free Wall Paper is the perfect solution, as it is easy to install, durable, and has commercial capabilities,” she says, “and the environmental certificates are a big topic and very important right now as designers are pushing towards sustainability in all products.”

Savvy print service providers should see a huge opportunity in collaboration with designers and artists of the burgeoning Bespoke Movement. HP offers several innovative decor products for this market from wallcoverings to canvas and fabric.

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