HP's new media products of 2018 focus on innovation


HP’s history includes more than six decades of innovation. HP is committed to a culture of continuous reinvention, turning amazing ideas into great products. 2018 built from that legacy with the introduction of several unique, state-of-the-art products for the large format print industry.

  • HP Adhesive Vinyl and Laminates—HP introduced a new portfolio of six Adhesive Vinyls and Printable Laminates with matched performance and durability to other vinyl products but with an economical price. In addition, HP Adhesive Vinyl is REACH compliant—providing health and environmental assurance.
  • HP Durable Backlit Fabric—the printing industry is changing rapidly. Textile is now the top choice for signage; replacing vinyl, polypropylene and paper. Light, easy to change and transport, environmentally friendly—the future is all about fabric.
  • HP Recycled Satin Canvas—HP is committed to reducing the impact on the environment by designing products that are manufactured, used, and recovered in a more sustainable way. HP Recycled Satin Canvas is a printable canvas made from 100% recycled water bottles!
  • HP Satin Wrapping Paper—advances in technology have led to the ability to customize many products. To fill this demand, HP introduced HP Satin Wrapping Paper, a printable, high-quality wrapping paper that lets your customers print personal images, logos and messages on a recyclable, FSC®-certified gift wrap.
  • HP Production Banner, 3-in core for PageWide Technology—HP PageWide Technology is disrupting the market and revolutionizing digital printing with print speeds and costs that will allow print professionals to reduce their operating times and costs by half. Your customers can print brilliant banners faster than anything on the market with HP Production Banner, 3-in Core for PageWide Technology.

Stay on top of market changes and offer your customers the latest, cutting-edge printing materials.
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