HP Wallcovering Seminar


New latex printing technologies have paved the way for the customization trend in décor. People now have the ability to print their own imagery on a huge array of materials including wall paper, self-adhesive vinyl, textiles and banners. Interior décor is becoming one of the fastest growing industries of the year, especially the do-it-yourself segment. Help your customers take advantage of these new business opportunities and capture new profit for your business and theirs in this rapidly expanding market.

HP wants to help you learn more about the wide number of wallcovering types, their requirements, advantages and disadvantages, the impact of environmental certifications on the commercial field and more. Join us for an informational online course that covers the technical and marketing aspects of many HP décor products including the new HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper.

These online webinar sessions will be offered at various times from June 27th through July 1st. Courses include two classes designed for resellers, and three focused on the end-user. Seminars will be offered in English and German. All participants will receive a personalized certificate confirming their certification as an “HP Wallcovering Expert”.

Please register and choose the session of your preference by clicking HERE: English or German.

We look forward to seeing you in these upcoming, valuable seminars. Don’t hesitate to contact Sandra Heiden at: [email protected] with questions!