HP PVC-free Wall Paper continues to inspire…


When the University of Bucharest wanted to transform an outdated, oppressive seminar room into a modern, collaborative space for learning, they turned to Image PR Agency, working with the design team from Beaucoupzero and HP PVC-free Wall Paper. Inspired by the desire to encourage discussion and student engagement, the designers created graphics that mirror Manhattan’s architecture made completely from inspirational quotes.

Beaucoupzero chose HP PVC-free Wall Paper for this innovative project. “We find it the perfect material for interior design projects,” said designer, Matei Apostolescu. “The reasons are many. The print looks great; Grup Transilvae did an impressive job printing the graphics. The colors are vivid, the gradients and all the details match the original art file perfectly.” The project had a tight deadline and the pre-paste adhesion made for easy installation with only water—drying within 24 hours. To accent the piece, the team used HP Permanent Matte Adhesive Vinyl to create red metallic doors; the perfect choice for this application because of its durability and ease of installation. Beaucoupzero designers routinely recommend HP large format print media to designers and architects who are inspired by the creative possibilities they offer.

HP PVC-free Wall Paper is odorless and has multiple environmental certifications, which are requirements for this educational setting.

The décor market is one of the fastest-growing markets for large format print media so don’t miss out on this opportunity to offer these versatile HP products and more.

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