HP introduces NEW HP Premium Removable Gloss Adhesive Vinyl—easy on, easy off.


With the new HP Premium Removable Gloss Adhesive Vinyl, your customers can print it, stick it, love it, and then remove it—easily. This new, polymeric calendared vinyl has a special air-release liner designed to eliminate air, prevent bubbling and wrinkling, and provide clean removal. The gray removable adhesive provides increased opacity and achieves consistent image quality on a variety of surfaces. Your customers can produce long-lasting, water-resistant prints at an economical price, while meeting environmental objectives with this REACH compliant vinyl.

This easy-to-install vinyl is suitable for retail and event displays, decals, flat surface transit, signage and many creative decor applications, such as custom wall designs, furniture, and table tops. Tap into the growing décor market with this versatile vinyl.