Fe Del Mundo Medical Center and HP PVC-free Wall Paper Create a Heightened Patient Experience


Fe Del Mundo was founded as the first pediatric hospital in the Philippines by internationally recognized Filipino scientist and pediatrician, Dr. Fe Del Mundo, the first woman to attend Harvard Medical School. In 2013, Fe Del Mundo Medical Center became a member of the healthcare management group - Mount Grace Hospitals. The new management wanted to renovate and upgrade hospital facilities to provide a more caring, less stressful experience for their young patients.

“Many of our sick children felt anxious and tense in the stark white hospital environment,” said Ivy Gay Alcantara, RN, Chief of Nursing Services. “So we decided to create an environment that would make them more at ease.”

Recognizing that environmental factors play a big role in the healing process, the hospital looked to Scanwell Graphics Corporation to design a place where children could feel safe, secure and less fearful. Scanwell chose GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified℠ HP PVC-free Wall Paper to create a custom-designed, truly unique wall decoration for the hallways and rooms of the pediatric center. The environmental assurances of HP PVC-free Wall Paper were a huge factor when choosing a wall covering for this sensitive environment. This FSC®-certified*, flame-resistant wall paper prints odorless displays that are mold- and mildew-resistant. Installation was easy—this paper goes up and comes down with water.

The newly renovated pediatric center continues Dr. Fe Del Mundo’s mission to improve the life of Filipino children and their families.

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