Digital printing is redefining how art is created and providing new markets for large format printing.


Throughout history, technology has provided artists with new tools for expression. Where would Andy Warhol have been without silk screen printing and David Hockney without the Polaroid? Digital printing now offers artists new ways to create and sell art. Digitally printed artwork is rapidly increasing in popularity and acceptance—galleries, hotels, offices, restaurants, casinos and other venues are huge markets for giclée prints and other digitally printed fine art. Many photographers and fine artists embrace digital printing of their images as a form of expression, or as an additional way to market their work at reasonable prices.

HP Fine Art Printing Materials are designed to meet the needs of artists, photographers, galleries and interior designers—from museum-quality displays and limited-edition prints to cost-effective artwork for home and office decor.

  • HP Matte Litho-realistic Paper—is the top choice for many artists. It has a color-stable coating, and the look and feel of heavy, artist’s paper. HP Matte Litho-realistic Paper has no optical brighteners that reduce longevity and prints are designed to last over 200 years* on this lignin-free, buffered paper.
  • HP Artist Matte Canvas—is a 1x1 weave that produces true artistic quality, with excellent image stability on a bright white, textured matte finish.
  • HP Professional Matte Canvas—is a 2x1 weave that produces museum-quality, matte finish prints that stand the test of time.