A unique use of HP Light Fabric helps kids learn about the design of the built environment


Singapore-based Participate in Design (P!D), a non-profit design, planning and educational organization, recently created a toolkit for children, Save Your Streets: A Walkability Game, to build awareness of the importance of neighborhood planning after a devastating car accident in the city involving an 11-year-old cyclist. The toolkit promotes collaboration and teaches children about the importance of designing a safe, livable, walkable community. When producing the game, P!D was looking for a print media more durable than paper that would stand up to the wear and tear of little hands.

HP Light Fabric was a good solution,” said Mizah Rahman, one of the founders of P!D, “HP Light Fabric can be folded, is wrinkle-free, durable, water-resistant and longer lasting than paper.” The multiple environmental certifications of HP Light Fabric also played a role in the choice of media. “As part of the game, we included concepts of environmental sustainability, so the green properties in the production of the board game added to our overarching vision.” P!D is looking to develop future educational games that focus on green building concepts, and Mizah affirms they would use HP Light Fabric again in the production of these educational materials.

HP is proud to have worked with P!D which continues to partner with educational, community and government institutions with the goal of building a better world together. To learn more about this organization and how you can get involved, visit:
participateindesign.org or facebook.com/participateindesign and instagram.com/participateindesign/. Watch a documentary here: vimeo.com/203774362.

Click here to learn more about HP Light Fabric and watch the video here.