5 Profitable Large Format Printing Trends for 2018!


2018 is projected to be a great year for the large format print market which continues to surprise with innovations that drive growth and productivity.

Despite the onslaught of electronic media, print remains relevant and is an important part of the marketing mix.

Here are five of 2018’s future growth areas in the large format print industry:

    1. Textiles: Retailers, exhibitors, and designers like the softer, more organic look and feel of fabric. In addition, the ability to fold, ship and install at a lower cost makes soft signage and textile printing a hot new market. HP has a variety of new fabric media offerings including HP Light Fabric and HP Durable Backlit Fabric.
    1. Interior Decor: Architects and interior designers are following the personalization trend and are looking for new materials and applications to help them customize interior environments. Digitally printed wallpaper, upholstery, window blinds, and canvas are just a few of the new applications in this ever-growing market. Check out some of the HP large format media products for decor applications on our HP Decor Page.
    1. Packaging: The need for smaller print runs for custom packaging and labels has fueled a tremendous growth opportunity in packaging. Digital printing has lowered the barrier for many companies to enter this segment which is largely immune from electronic alternatives. HP offers a variety of products for this new packaging market.
    1. One-pass Production Printing: Due to the growing demand for faster turnarounds, increased production and reduced overhead costs, single-pass printers are revolutionizing productivity for both technical and graphic, as well as sign and display applications. HP PageWide Technology is leading the pack in this innovative market.
    1. Direct Mail: Data-driven and personalized direct mail campaigns implemented as part of bigger, multi-channel marketing campaigns, create a high response rate and breakthrough electronic clutter. Innovative printing solutions will increase as retailers continue to look for new ways to reach customers. Check out the multitude of HP Sign and Display and HP Graphics and Technical products suitable for direct mail applications

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