HP Premium Vivid color baklit film

Posted in General by Malik Farrukh Hayat Mon Aug 07 2017 20:37:35 GMT+0000 (UTC)·3·Viewed 1,021 times

I m unable to calibrate Hp premium vivid color backlit film through designjet utility I tried every single option in calibrate paper section there is no backlit profile any solution
Becky Tassell
Aug 8, 2017

Hi Malik,

Can you please let us know what printer you are using?


Malik Farrukh Hayat
Aug 8, 2017

Oh I m sorry I forgot to mention
I m using Hp designjet Z6800ps

Sean McGettigan
Aug 31, 2017

An ICC profile that will help you produce great results with HP Premium Vivid Color Backlit Film is available. However, due to the translucency of backlit and clear materials, you are unable to calibrate with this type of media.

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