hp latex print in 92% polyster fabric

Posted in Sign & Display media for HP Latex printers by lallouch Mon May 22 2017 13:30:11 GMT+0000 (UTC)·4·Viewed 997 times

hi On a 92% polyester fabric, the ink clears with water or rubbing with the other surface. how can i resolve it thanks
Brian Junyor
May 22, 2017

Which material are you printing on? If it's an Original HP Large Format Printing Material, like HP Light Fabric, please let us know. For question regarding other materials, you might try the Media & Applications board of the HP Latex Knowledge Center: http://hpgo.co/wOoWwSj

May 22, 2017

Hp latex 370
The media is local supplier fabric


Brian Junyor
May 22, 2017

Thanks for confirming. You will need to reach out to the local supplier or the HP Hardware Team on their discussion board: http://hpgo.co/wOoWwSj

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